From the desk of Principal

Dear Parents

Vardhman International School is a proud mission driven community providing a world class education, celebrating the fact that each student is different, as a person and as a learner.

We believe that every child has unlimited potential. Every child is gifted, bright, inquisitive and unique. We try to create an emotional climate that nourishes self-esteem and positive self-concept. The authentic education addresses the “whole child”, “the whole person”. Students of Vardhman International School learn through the specially designed curriculum which is interdisciplinary, integrated, project based and utilizes the surviving skills like critical thinking and problem solving, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurialism, curiosity and imagination.

Our primary aim at Vardhman International School is to empower students and prepare them to deal with complexity, diversity and change. Our educators come up with innovative methodologies to help students to develop self-confidence, harness their latent potential and channelize their energies towards cultivation and sharpening of multiple dimensions of human competencies.

Some of the most critical goals of education are to produce citizens able to reflect deeply on critical issues, having the skills to deal effectively with the many demands of a rapidly changing world, retaining their curiosity, excitement about learning, and hunger of knowledge. Students need different skills to succeed in the 21st century. Jobs, skills, scientific ideas and technology are all in a state of flux. It is important to remain open-minded about new skills and the best way to do that is to retain the state of receptivity and cognitive flexibility. We aim to develop ‘Competent Student’, ‘Information Literate Person’, possessing ‘IT Skills’ and ‘Information Handling Skills’.

Value oriented education is the need of the hour. Our emphasis in the school is on character building. All the Herculean effort in the school is directed towards bringing out enlightened and inspired individuals- virtuous and moral, good-natured and God-fearing, developing positive attitude, cultivating personal, social and universal values, leading to solace and peace, environmental consciousness and ecological harmony. We would like to see every student good as well as smart.


Mrs. Malini Malik

Principal, Vardhman International School

About - Mrs. Malini Malik

The story of a long struggle : seemingly a biological need not merely a passion

“Talent is nothing without opportunity” a firm believer in this very thought Madam Malini Malik, the Principal of Vardhman International School, Mansrovar Jaipur makes it sure that all the students of her school get a plethora of opportunities to showcase their talent and skill.

Creating numerous opportunities for her students she has proved herself a dynamic education leader who started her journey in the field of education from a very small city Sikar in Rajasthan, serving the society journeying across major cities of Rajasthan like Ajmer including the capital city of Rajputana Jaipur for almost three decades of progressive experience and accomplishments initially as a teacher of social studies and later becoming educational leader beginning as a Coordinator and finally a Principal for almost a decade.

Her skills in team building, faculty management, parental dealing, initiative curriculum designing, and administrative tasks achieved Rayan International School Ajmer and her present school Vardhman International School, Jaipur the status of the CBSE affiliated schools.

The aura of her personality and consistency in hard work which has its base on the mantra of her life of 3Ds i.e. Devotion, dedication and determination has been so much that she did not only establish a new branch of Ryan International at Ajmer in 2014 but also touched a remarkable figure of 2000 students within the first two years of its beginning.

At present she is setting a bench mark amongst all leading Schools of education hub of Rajasthan.Under her able leadership her School Students are securing top ranks in academic ad well as other walks if life.

She strongly believes in Karma Theory and always believes, “Do your work with good intentions, success will be your slave”. Indeed, it’s been said by Lord Krishana in Bhagwad Geeta as well that one should keep working hard without expecting and caring what would be the results. Just not preaching but following the same she has achieved many mile stones in the journey of education like felicitation from many organizations such as British Council for International Collaboration, Railway Mandal Ajmer for active participation in environment conservation and awareness campaigns, Utsav Manch, Ajmer, Dainik Bhaskar, Ajmer, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Helpage India, Paryaran Mitra by Ajmer Municipal Corporation, Principal’s Award 2016 and 2017 by Simply Jaipur, Inspiring Educator by Rockland Sports, Education Leader Award by Jindal University, Education Icon by TOI, Awarded With Abdul Kalam National School Principal Award 2022 by CED Foundation And Many Others.

She is a change agent for education and remains a life long learner hence does not always train her students and teachers but also participates at many different trainings and talk shows like Developing emotional intelligence, Inclusive Leadership, Interpersonal Communication, Human Resource Foundations, Anger Management, Creative Thinking, Happiness Tips, Motivating Your Team to Learn, Teaching Techniques-Developing Curriculum, Economics for Everyone, Leader’s Guide to Mindfulness, Fundamentals of Digital Marketing including CBSE Training on Health and Wellbeing in School, Pedagogy of Environmental Studies, Experiential Learning, Developing Socio personal Qualities and Creating a Safe and Healthy School Environment, Learning Outcomes and Pedagogy, Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment, Competency-Based Education, Integrating Values in the Curriculum Using value Education Cards, Weaving Life Skills into School Curriculum, Adolescence Education-Envisioning Student Friendly School.
As a speaker she keeps attending many different platforms like CED foundation,Blub World,Credent TV where she participated as a speaker.

People do not remain busy, they actually do not plan their day, however, this is not the case with her as she finds time for everything even for her hobbies and interests like painting, meditation & yoga, excursion, net surfing which remain the part of her everyday to do list.

Indeed it’s the captain of the ship which matters the most in successful accomplishment of a great voyage which she has proved with her unfailing efforts in bringing a desired DIFFERENCE in the lives of not only her students and teachers but also the society at large.