Words of Wisdom by Our Chairman

Chairman’s Message

This is an obvious question before every parent…

When a child attains age of 2-3 years, parents have to take a crucial decision of selecting a school which will give structure to the future of their child.

We feel that before teaching a child, it is important to learn about them. With changing time, the process of learning has also changed and this calls for a change in the methods of teaching as well. Learning is not limited to the books and classrooms only. A modern school should impart education to prepare children for life, work and community. Education is the source of light that shows right path to the children in every sphere of life. The school must cater to the changing world with a greater insight into how people live, work, socialize and succeed. The key is to identify the learning behaviours to which students should get engaged.

Since the whole world teaches a child, present day education cannot be confined to the classrooms. For this, Vardhman International School has created a small world of unbounded learning which is simulated within the campus. Our school campus represents the world in which the child has to live, work and succeed in future. Vardhman International School believes that purpose of education is to groom a child into a well composed personality with analytical mind, reasoning capacity, confidence, creativity, spark, good interpersonal skills, and moral character with sense of social responsibility.

Our country has been the educator to the world in ancient times. With the rich literature written by our rishis, we have the real treasure of knowledge which can find the path of success with satisfaction. The stage of enlightenment and contentment cannot be reached without practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation. Our curriculum blends these values of past with the needs of tomorrow.

We have designed our process of learning to have a proper and optimum mix for all-round development of a child based on his/her aptitude and abilities. The potential of every single child needs to be explored and developed to bring out the best in them. We want you to join hands with us in designing and developing this school by giving positive and useful suggestions which are always welcome.

Dr. Kamal Sethia

Chairman Vardhman Group