Beyond Academics


– Better Linguistics.

– Vocabulary Enhancement.

– Inheritance of Compassion and Care.

– Inculcating Traits and Talents.

– Scholastic & Co- Scholastic Competitions.

– Creating Impressionable Minds.

– Facilitating All Round –Development.

Vardhman International School makes the students take turns in the spotlight, just to ensure that they aren’t just a name in the class. The purpose is to create a knowledge based society with a marvellous and scientific temper, team spirit and dignity of labour.


– Female security on top.

– Workshops on good & bad touch.

– Open approach to counsellors.

– Proper safety measures.

– Self – defence attitude.

– Constant monitoring.

– Creating self – awareness.

– Effective Communication.

Our faculties provide full, undivided attention to students. They exude passion as well as purpose. We believe that the best teaching isn’t formulaic, it’s personal, so we teach from heart, highlighting individual strengths. Because every student is equally important as well as essential to us.


– Enhancing Thought process.

– Grooming cognitive thinking skill.

– Shaping personalities.

– Proper channelization of energy.

– Developing future ready citizens.

– Society outreach & eco-friendly programs.

– Enhancement of vocal skills.

– Theatre & dramatic activities.

– Physical fitness programs.

– Fostering leadership.

– High Level of Collaboration.

It is time to integrate the change, with a sharper and faster mechanism that focuses on every aspect of a child’s development. Along with academics and activities, we focus on building an overall personality, inculcating traits and talents by giving them the exposure in every field. Vardhman International School focuses not only on educating students but we aim to create knowledgeable global citizens.


– Effective school leadership.

– Focused professional development.

– Enhancement of practical knowledge.

– Focused fitness activities.

– Creating progressive thinkers.

– Personalized intellectual discussions.

– Development of social competency.

– Development of problem solving abilities.

To develop a holistic personality of our children we have incorporated a number of co-scholastic activities into the curriculum by providing ample opportunities for the children to express themselves through debates, elocution, literacy and numeracy, spelling contests and more.