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Pre - Primary to Class XII

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True Education Enlightens

Vardhman International School aims at building strong foundation of the students by not only providing them with required knowledge but also wisdom by nurturing them with values, empathy and the way to look and understand the world.

“Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens”

Here we develop exceptional students to serve the meritocratic world; inspire them to be ethical citizens and train them to be wise and Principled leaders.


Welcome to Vardhman International School

As one of the top-rated schools in Jaipur, Vardhman International School is setting benchmarks in all aspects of learning and development. We are amongst the few best CBSE school in Jaipur that has a truly international environment. With our time-tested learning frameworks and resulted-oriented methodologies, we have been getting exceptional academic output in CBSE examinations. Moreover, the school has an excellent fun learning environment that involves various innovative methodologies exclusively designed to engage students actively. The student-teacher ratio of 15:1 ensures effective and meaningful interaction. We want each student to embark on a path of self-discovery and constant learning. Therefore, Vardhman International School fosters a niche that lets them experience the finest education equipped with innovation, leadership and entrepreneurial skills.





When a child attains age of 2-3 years, parents have to take a crucial decision of selecting a school which………………..



With a vision to transform the educational landscape and to make quality education available for one and all…



Vardhman International School is a proud mission driven community providing a world class education celebrating the fact that…

True to Our Values

Vardhman International School has been committed to providing the best-in-class learning. With our experienced and highly skilled faculty and school staff, we are able to stay true to our core values that always inspire and lead us towards our vision. Thus, we have created a safe, healthy, intellectual and inclusive educational hub where every child can grow in his/her own space of possibilities while enjoying their true self. We also instill moral values in children through setting examples by our actions and activities. Moreover, an open and transparent communication with parents further empowers us to channelize our resources for every child’s academic growth and personal development.

Why are we exceptional ?


Unlike other private schools in Jaipur, Vardhman International School has a holistic approach that involves a logical and practical educational framework. This means our students not only study to excel in academics but they learn to grow in all spheres of life. They learn to collaborate as well as to lead. We don’t only help them read or write but carefully nurture their overall personality and multi-dimensional skills to make sure they adopt the socio-cultural values but with their own vision to empower the society and country.

What we offer ?


Vardhman International School has an outstanding campus infrastructure spread across the wide landscape. We have a plethora of outdoor and indoor facilities that meet international standards. As we understand the importance of co-curricular activities along with academic excellence, we offer a range of choices to our students to try and choose what they like and enjoy. Be it sports, music, drama, art or any vocational skill, the school provides total support in form of infrastructure, trainers and mentors to let students enjoy and excel in other areas as well.

Parents & Students Testimonials

We chose Vardhman International School for our child and we couldn't be happier with our decision. The teachers are fantastic and truly care about the success of each student. Our child has thrived academically and socially, and we are grateful for the supportive and nurturing environment at Vardhman.

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Ishwar Singh

HR Manager, WeServe LLC.

We were new to Jaipur and needed to find a school that would provide a quality education for our child. We were so impressed with Vardhman International School's curriculum and approach to teaching. Our child has developed a love for learning and has made so many friends at school. We highly recommend Vardhman to any parents looking for a great school!

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Mr. Mrs. Jain

Business Family

We were initially drawn to Vardhman International School for its excellent facilities and modern approach to education. What we didn't expect was the warm and welcoming community that we found at the school. Our child is thriving both academically and socially and we couldn't be happier with our choice of school.

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Subhash Chandani

Software Engineer

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