MUN - Model United Nations

Model United Nations (MUN) in schools is an exciting and educational program that simulates the workings of the United Nations, offering students a unique opportunity to delve into global affairs, diplomacy, and critical problem-solving. This dynamic platform allows young minds to engage in international issues, develop vital skills in public speaking, negotiation, and research, and cultivate a deeper understanding of the complexities of our interconnected world. Through MUN, students are not only empowered to voice their perspectives on global challenges but also encouraged to work collaboratively towards finding innovative solutions. It serves as a captivating and enriching experience that not only enhances students’ knowledge of international relations but also fosters leadership, teamwork, and cultural awareness. As MUN continues to gain popularity in schools around the world, it remains a testament to the power of informed and engaged youth in shaping a more inclusive and peaceful future.

At VSIS, this experiential learning opportunity not only prepares students for a future in diplomacy and international affairs but also cultivates global citizenship, encouraging them to become informed and responsible leaders in an increasingly interconnected world.

Kudos to the MUN Club, VSIS, a dynamic and engaging platform that offers students a unique opportunity to enhance their understanding of international affairs, diplomacy, and global issues. It is not merely a club; it is a transformative experience that equips young minds with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the complex challenges our world faces today.

The club works at Junior as well as Senior levels on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively and is continuously evolving to engage students to emerge as solutionaries.